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Man delivers baby thanks to YouTube and Google

You can learnt to make anything on YouTube...
You can learnt to make anything on YouTube...

A man forced to deliver his baby son after ambulances were held up said he managed the feat thanks to YouTube.

Marc Stephens was watching the videos as a precaution the night before when his wife Jo began to feel slight pain.

"I Googled how to deliver a baby, watched a few videos and basically swotted up," Mr Stephens said to the BBC, in a statement that scares us about the information people can pick up on Google.

Stephens phoned the midwife when his wife awoke having very regular contractions, but was told to phone an ambulance.

However, when the ambulance didn't arrive in time, his Google training kicked in.

Peace of mind

"The videos gave me peace of mind. I think I would have coped, but watching videos made things much easier," he added.

Stephens also said that he remained calm throughout the whole experience thanks to his Royal Navy training, which we have yet to confirm he completed after watching 20 instructional videos on the internet.

The tech-savvy husband was likely trained for other eventualities too, such as his wife giving birth to a dramatic chipmunk, a baby panda sneezing or being confronted by a thrusting Storm Trooper.

Via BBC News