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Mobile Broadband is failing Brits says 'damning' report

64 per cent of Brits unhappy with their 3G dongles
64 per cent of Brits unhappy with their 3G dongles

64 per cent of users in a recent mobile broadband survey said that they were unhappy with the speed of the service they were getting.

A report on the poll of 1,160 Brits by comparison service Broadband Genie, described the results were describes as "damning".

"Is your mobile broadband fast enough?" asked the poll. To which 63.8 per cent were quick to answer: "No, it is not!"

Public perception skewed

"The public perception of mobile broadband is often of a service that is comparable in speed and stability to fixed-line broadband, which simply isn't the case – and won't be for the foreseeable future," reports Broadband Genie.

Weirdly, 11.5 per cent of respondents claimed to be perfectly happy with the speed of their broadband.

TechRadar can only presume these users only employ their 3G dongles on those odd occasions when they are away from home and need to check up on email, because in our experience, trying to do anything more using a 3G dongle just leads to complete and utter wall-punching levels of frustration.