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BSkyB latest company in Tiscali takeover bid

Is Sky the limit for Tiscali broadband?
Is Sky the limit for Tiscali broadband?

It looks like internet provider Tiscali needs to install a revolving door into its boardroom, with BSkyB becoming the latest in a long line of companies to enter takeover talks with the company.

BSkyB follows in the footsteps of Carphone Warehouse, who tried to strike a deal with the company, but after much gestation ultimately failed.

Vodafone was another company looking to bid £600million for Tiscali, but this deal also fell by the wayside.

In at number three

If the takeover goes through, it will make BSkyB the third biggest broadband supplier, with BT at number one and Virgin Media taking second place.

The total number of broadband subscribers for the company, if it were to take over Tiscali, would be around 3.5 million after factoring in its own current share of the market.

Currently, the price BSkyB is looking to buy Tiscali for is £450million, a third less than the Vodafone offer.