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Apple’s iPad Mini may never see another upgrade

Apple’s iPad Mini might not have much of a future.

The smaller, book-sized alternative to the larger 9.7-inch iPad is said to be on the chopping block due to low sales by a source that claims to be familiar with Apple’s plans.

While no sales figures have been released, this source states that Apple’s product offering is suffering from a bout of “fierce cannibalism”, which could be contributing to confusion on store shelves.

As BGR points out, the iPad Mini was launched during a time before the Plus-sized iPhone, so it’s purpose was more clearly defined. However, since then, the value it presents has grown to be increasingly questionable, especially when put up against the new iPad, which trounces the iPad Mini 4 in just about every way for less money required up front.

Even without insider information to back it up, the future of the iPad Mini was unclear. Throughout its four iterations, features made popular in the iPhone and iPad products trickled down to the Mini, making it one of Apple’s more predictable products.

All said, the smaller form factor of the iPad Mini struck a chord with many and while it’s still unconfirmed that anything is changing in Apple’s tablet lineup, the Mini is definitely the weakest link in sight. 

So much for the iPad Mini 5.