Incredible iPhone XR price drop is an unexpected Amazon Prime Day deal

iPhone XR deals for Amazon Prime Day
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Update: Sadly, this deal came to an end with the final day of Amazon Prime Day. But luckily for you, we currently have an excellent iPhone XR exclusive or check out our iPhone XR deals page for all of your options. 

When it launched alongside the iPhone XS and XS Max in September 2018, the iPhone XR was branded as Apple's 'affordable' iPhone compared to the two bigger phones, and now it's even cheaper thanks to new Amazon Prime Day deals.

Apple products are rarely discounted in their first year of existence, so this deal is one to treasure. In fact, the amount this Prime Day deal takes off the iPhone XR price is really surprising – but it's great news for you.

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You can pick up loads of different iPhones thanks to Apple's Amazon Prime Day action, from the best cheap iPhone deals to the iPhone XS Max with its mega Amazon Prime Day discount.

While the iPhone XR may not have all the bells and whistles of the XS and XS Max, Apple's 'cheaper' still packs in plenty of features, including a sizable 6.1-inch display, the same power under the hood as its pricier siblings, Face ID smarts and a capable 12MP rear facing camera.

While some might baulk at the thought of paying this much upfront, it's a really sound investment long term if you can afford it. Combine that with one of the best SIM-free deals around at the moment and you'll get some great, great savings over a normal contract.

(US users, unfortunately we're not seeing this go live in your region just yet, but we've got all the best deals for this phone we can find listed for you.

iPhone XR Prime Day deals

Apple iPhone XR (64GB): £749 £639 at Amazon

Apple iPhone XR (64GB): £749 £639 at Amazon
The affordable member of Apple's latest iPhone range just became even cheaper, with this deal knocking 15% off the bright and colorful iPhone XR coral.

Apple iPhone XR (128GB): £799 £679 at Amazon

Apple iPhone XR (128GB): £799 £679 at Amazon
The iPhone XR range has proven to be seriously popular, and so this deal knocking 15% off the price of many of the 128GB variety will likely be even more popular – move quickly to ensure you get yourself a handset.

Apple iPhone XR (256GB): £899 £765 at Amazon

Apple iPhone XR (256GB): £899 £765 at Amazon
For an affordable iPhone, the iPhone XR sure can fit a lot of storage space if you buy the right model. This Apple phone, with a luxurious 256GB space, can fit as many videos, games or texts as you throw at it – and with 15% off, you'll certainly have the cash to do so.

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