Samsung Captivate Glide review

Is this the best physical QWERTY phone on AT&T?

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Like almost all Android devices, the Captivate Glide comes with Google Maps, which is really one of the most useful applications Android has to offer.

It's perfect for location searches, directions, and even turn-by-turn navigation. The only limitation is that it relies on having an internet connection.

Samsung captivate glide

For those who don't care for Google Maps, the Glide also offers AT&T Navigator for directions and navigation as well as YPmobile, the Yellow Pages app, for searches.

Samsung captivate glide

Samsung has thoughtfully included a handful of useful apps you'd likely download anyway, such as QuickOffice, a Memo pad, a file manager, a task manager, and even the game Asphalt 6.

Also included is the LiveTV app, which really isn't an app at all, but a shortcut to AT&T's U-Verse app in the Marketplace.

Samsung captivate glide

Of course, the Glide isn't limited to the apps it comes with. Through the Android Marketplace, there are roughly 400,000 applications available for download.