Toshiba and Matsushita out of OLED TV race

Production issues force the joint venture to regroup

According to Japanese business paper the Nikkei, Toshiba and Matsushita's much-vaunted plans to join Sony in the OLED TV market have been shelved after problems moving from the research lab to mass production.

After finding trouble getting production efficiency to a level that could be commercialised, the Toshiba Matsushita Display Technology joint venture has decided to postpone its promised 30-inch OLED television set that was planned for 2009.

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Instead, it will concentrate on smaller OLED screens for mobile phones and portable media players, according to the report [Subscription link]. Should the experience prepare it to compete in the promising OLED TV field, we expect the firm to focus on the 25- to 35-inch sector of the market within five years.