[Update] SNES Mini will be in stock at 8pm tonight in the UK, probably for about 5 minutes

Update: As predicted, stock was all snapped up not long after 8pm last night. It did last more than five minutes, but only because John Lewis' listing page for the SNES Mini immediately fell over at 8pm and were greeted by an image like the one below. Frustratingly, some customers were able to add the SNES Mini to their baskets, only for the page to crash again before completing checkout. Either way, stock was long gone by the time the page got it's act together by about 8:26.

To stay updated on the latest stock alerts, head on over to our SNES Mini pre-order updates page.

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SNES Mini stock alert! UK buyers will have another chance to pre-order the imminent SNES Mini tonight, from 8pm. We've seen stock refreshes since the original batch sell out in minutes over the last few months, and we expect tonight to be no different.

UK retailer John Lewis is saying stock will be available online tonight from 8pm, priced at £79.99, with options for free home delivery or store pick-up on launch day, September 29.

Eagle-eyed deal-hunters among you will notice that the price is £10 more than many of the original SNES Mini pre-orders. From what we've heard, though, it looks like most retailers will be going with £79.99 as the default RRP now. While that's annoying, it's still cheaper than the current £120-plus prices on eBay, and John Lewis at least provides a two-year guarantee on the SNES Mini.

If you're ready to buy tonight, there are a few preparations you can make to beat the rush – and there will be a rush, believe us. First up, sign in to your John Lewis account if you have one, or create an account, ahead of time and get as much of your information as possible entered into the system – that way you won't have to go through as many stages during checkout.

We're used to seeing retailer pages fall over when they get a surge of traffic on one item, so the fewer page loads you have to go through the better. We'd also advise getting online a bit before 8pm, just in case John Lewis jumps the gun on the starting time.

Nintendo has said more stock will be available soon, but given the omnishambles experience with international stock in recent times for the NES Mini, Switch and SNES Mini, we'd grab any deal you can if you want one at all. Good luck!

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