Samsung's Galaxy S8 may have its fingerprint scanner in a strange place

When the leaks align

A recently leaked photo of what’s alleged to be a Samsung Galaxy S8 case makes it look increasingly likely that the phone's fingerprint scanner will be on the back of the handset, beside the camera lens.

Just last week schematics showing what was said to be both the Galaxy S8 and the S8 Plus suggested Samsung was dropping the traditional home button and moving the fingerprint scanner to this odd off-center position on the back of the handset.

The pictures found on Weibo by PhoneArena show cut-outs on the back of the cases, one of which looks large enough for a camera lens and flash and another to the right of it, which could well be this rumored fingerprint scanner. 

It's perfectly positioned for you to smudge up your camera lens en route to blindly unlocking your phone. 

Just as we took the schematic leaks with a grain of salt, however, we’d suggest exercising the same caution here. 

Several sources suggesting that the fingerprint scanner will be moved to this position is more convincing than one, but it’s not impossible that the case could have been created to correspond with the leaked schematics.

As Samsung has already confirmed that it won’t be officially announcing the Galaxy S8 at this year’s Mobile World Congress, it’s likely that we won’t get any confirmation on the placement phone’s fingerprint scanner until the end of March.


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