Samsung Galaxy S8 shown off in clearest photo yet

And measured too

We’ve already seen a leaked photo and video of the Samsung Galaxy S8 today, and now two more shots have emerged, one of which is the highest quality photo we’ve seen of the phone so far.

The image, which was shared by Techtastic, shows the Samsung Galaxy S8’s lock screen, complete with three software buttons at the bottom.

From left to right these are likely recent apps, home and back in the same way Samsung orders the buttons on its other handsets... but as we're expecting, there's no physical home button in sight.

You can also see the screen, believed to be 5.8 inches, curving around the edges, with tiny bezels above and below, and an iris scanner at the top, alongside the front-facing camera.

There’s nothing particularly new or different here, but the image matches up with what we’ve seen before, so it’s likely accurate, and it gives us a clearer view than most of the leaks we’ve seen so far.

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Credit: Techtastic / Weibo
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Credit: Techtastic / Weibo

Measuring up

It’s accompanied by another shot, showing the Galaxy S8’s dial pad. The phone here is being measured, and while the image isn’t sharp enough to make out the numbers on the tape measure, the spacing suggests the screen is around 5.8 inches, as rumored.

This also clarifies that we’re actually looking at the Samsung Galaxy S8 here, and not the Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge/Galaxy S8 Plus, which is thought to be 6.2 inches.

With specs having recently leaked almost in full too it doesn’t seem like there’s much that we don’t know about the Galaxy S8, but hopefully Samsung will still be able to surprise us when it unveils the phone on March 29.


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