Opera hits 100m mobile users, plans iPad version

MWC reveal for the tablet browser

Opera has announced that it has reached the 100 million user mark on mobile phones.

The company also confirmed that it has been working on an iPad version of its popular mobile web browser, which will be shown off at Mobile World Congress next week.

Operatic operations

Opera Mini has proven the most successful Opera product, with 90.4 of the company's 100m customers on the diet-version of the browser.

Meanwhile, 15m people are using the full fat Opera Mobile browser.

Opera now controls 21 per cent of the market, leading the way ahead of Apple, Rim, Nokia and Android's proprietary browsers.

Cheery news all-round for the classically-named browser company; we'll be keen to see its tablet iteration at Mobile World Congress and will bring you a hands on Opera Tablet review as soon as we can.



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