Vodafone boosts free minutes on PAYG price plans

Now you get 1,000 per month to chat to your Voda mates

Vodafone has announced a new price plan designed to help people stay chattier.

The new deal, called Vodafone TopUp and Get Talk is offered to customers on pay as you go plans, and offers 1,000 Vodafone to Vodafone minutes for 30 days.

Users needs only to pay £10 per month to get the service, although the total amount of free minutes can only hit 1,000 every month.

However, if you top up £10 twice in two months, the next month users will get 1,000 minutes to use again.

Free as the bees

If you want to take advantage of the plan you'll need to opt in to the plan, or if you fancy joining up then simply head on over to the Vodafone website and get your free Freebee SIM.

There's a new ad to accompany the new campaign - we can't bring ourselves to embed it as it uses those damn bees again, but you can head on over to YouTube to see the 'hilarious family japes' as many times as you like.


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