Vodafone announces UK availability of iPhone 4

First UK network to announce Jobs' new toy

Vodafone has confirmed to TechRadar it will be offering the iPhone in the UK from 24 July.

It sent us the following sparse and fairly enigmatic statement: "We can confirm we will be offering the iPhone 4 in the UK and we'll release additional details in the coming days."

However, with O2 confirming the same thing, as well as stating it will have special offers for in-contract customers, we'd hope Vodafone will follow suit soon.

Unlikely upgrade

However, given that a number of customers won't have nabbed the iPhone 3G and 3GS from Vodafone until January this year at least, it's unlikely the red network will let them break their contract so soon.

We're still waiting for official prices and confirmation of iPhone 4 tariffs, but fingers crossed these won't be too much. Given the amount of technology Apple has stuffed in there though you might be wise to start saving those pennies now...



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