There's a Ferrari iPhone case that sprays you with aftershave

No, really

The Ferrari Fragrance iPhone Case is a real thing. I'll just let that sit there for a moment.

You're probably wondering what it is – but no, everything you need to know is in the name. It's an iPhone case, designed for the 6S or 6, that packs in a small reservoir and a pump spray to let you refresh your Ferrari fragrance whenever you fancy.

It'll be offered with 25ml of either Ferrari Black or Ferrari Red EDT fragrance inside, with a 25ml refill included as well – but surely that'll last mere minutes, given you'll be constantly updating your smell every time you go to send a witty message on WhatsApp.

It's being launched in the UK with Boots for £30 (around $43 / AU$60) and 'merges grooming with technology so you can experience fragrance in a new way'.

Is the pump the technology? Is it the phone that provides the tech? How would one be experiencing the sensation of being sprayed with a cologne or perfume in a new way just by it being bolted to the back of the phone?

You're probably still trying to wrap your head around this groundbreaking fusion of smells and phones – so here's a video that explains it all:


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