The Lumia 1820 - Nokia's best phone yet with ultra-powerful innards?

And it's on its way to MWC along with other leaked handsets

Nokia Lumia 1820

It looks like the Nokia Lumia 1820 could be a mighty powerful flagship phone - and we won't have to wait long to get our eyes on it.

FIrst up, reports believe that the 1820 will have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor, which is reason enough to get excited as it's the successor to the battery-friendly-yet-burly Snapdragon 800 doing the rounds in many of the current Android and Windows Phone flagships.

The 805 is capable of improving just about every aspect of a smartphones performance. It allows for a quad-core processor of up to 2.5 GHz and supports Ultra HD resolution on a smartphone. It also supports better graphics in games than the Snapdragon 800 and can even improve camera performance.

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Ready to rumble

So it's a big deal and Nokia's adoption of it suggests that the company is serious about competing with top tier handsets from other manufacturers.

The rumour comes from sources in Taiwan's handset supply chain, which spoke to DigiTimes. Aside from a powerhouse processor the Nokia Lumia 1820 will also have a 5.2 inch qHD display and a 3400 mAh battery according to the sources.

Though while DigiTimes listed the display as 'qHD' (960 x 540), 'QHD' (2560 x 1440) seems more likely given that this is a flagship phone capable of supporting an Ultra HD display.

According to the sources the Nokia Lumia 1820 will be launched at MWC, as we'd previously heard, and will arrive alongside the 6 inch Lumia 1525 and the Lumia 1520V, which is apparently a variant of the Nokia Lumia 1520, with a smaller 4.45 inch screen and a 14 megapixel camera.