Samsung planning Android Honeycomb tablet next year

Only Gingerbread for the Galaxy Tab

Samsung has confirmed that it will be bringing out more tablets in the next year, with a different operating system to the current Galaxy Tab.

WP Hong, head of product planning for Samsung, confirmed that the next upgrade for the Galaxy Tab would be Google's Gingerbread, but wouldn't be picking up the next generation of Android:

"The next platform we'll be using [on the Galaxy Tab] will be Gingerbread. Depending on our international partners, we'll be working to upgrade from Froyo to Gingerbread."

Honeycomb FTW

"Moving forward, with Honeycomb, that will be used in the next generation tablet, as it [Honeycomb] is specifically optimised for different type of tablet, and will be used on another product only."

TechRadar exclusively revealed the new name of Google's forthcoming Android iteration, so it's interesting to see that it will be fully optimised for tablets - meaning we probably won't see Honeycomb-enabled smartphones.

Samsung has promised to have the Honeycomb-powered tablet available for 2011, and the following year will have 'a portfolio of tablet products.'


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