Samsung Galaxy S5 Google Play Edition leaks may placate the TouchWiz haters

A Google Play Edition of the Samsung Galaxy S5 always seemed inevitable. Now, following a couple of new leaks and peaks, it appears to be imminent.

Evleaks has posted a couple of purported press renders showing the S5 in its TouchWiz-free, raw Android form. Interestingly, one shot appeared with on-screen buttons and another without.

Alongside that, an image posted by Google on the Android website shows a Galaxy S5 running the Nexus-like version of Android.

In that assumed slip from Google, the S5 appears in a group shot alongside a host of Android devices like the Nexus 4, Nexus 7 and what appears to be the Google Play version of the HTC One M8.

No clutter

Google Play Editions of popular Android devices are a preferred option for those smartphone fans who want the hardware, without the extra UI clutter served up by Android manufacturers.

Google Play Editions are also popular among users and developers alike because of the faster transition to new versions of Android that don't require OEM and carrier tweaks.

It looks like the S5 will be joining those ranks sooner rather than later.

Via Phandroid