Reckless Britons say they text while driving

Half of UK drivers admit they're a bunch of idiots

Nearly half of motorists in Britain drive about with reckless abandon for their own safety and the safety of others. Assuming you agree that sending a text on your phone whilst driving a car is unsafe, that is.

In figures released by the RAC foundation, a survey of 2,000 Facebook users revealed that 45 per cent of British drivers send texts while they’re on the road.

Facebook survey

Why Facebook was chosen for such a survey is a mystery – it is after all, full of young-types who seem more likely to be reckless on the road than older, more mature drivers. Facebook is hardly a good sampler for the whole of British society. Maybe it just goes to show why car insurance is so high for young people.

It was discovered in the survey that the young and techno savvy were more likely to text and drive in congested parts of the country, and that the level of texting whilst driving differs throughout the UK.

It is highest in London (53 per cent), and Manchester (50 per cent), and lowest in Aberdeen (31 per cent), Edinburgh (36 per cent), Bristol (36 per cent) and Glasgow (38 per cent).


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