Nvidia powering Quark iPhone rival

Integrated graphics processor boosts portable power

Nvidia has released details of what is being hailed as the first 'iPhone killer'. The Apple iPhone is still months away from launching, and yet the Quark Smartphone is being tipped to knock the wind out of Apple's sail.

Still in concept stage at the moment, the Quark Smartphone is a touch screen multi-purpose phone very similar to Apple's own iPhone.

It has a 3-inch display and, just like the iPhone, there are no buttons other than the on/off button. It plays music and videos, sports an iPhone-beating 3-megapixel camera and packs an Nvidia GoForce 6100 graphics chip.

This ultimate mobile processing unit is more powerful than anything on the market at the moment, and Nvidia promises even more advanced 6100-powered handheld devices in the future.



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