Plantronics unveils AudioIQ-equipped headset

Increases clarity on both sides of calls

Plantronics today announced its new Discovery 665 Bluetooth Headset with AudioIQ. This is the industry's first DSP (digital signal processing) sound technology that automatically optimises audio levels on both sides of every call.

It significantly increases the clarity for mobile phone callers, as well as for the listener on the other end of conversations.

AudioIQ enhances the sound quality of conversations regardless of the environment. For incoming calls, it automatically adapts to background noise levels and improves the receive quality, clarity and volume level.

"AudioIQ goes beyond making conversations sound great - it's about making communications easier and more natural for people on both sides of a call," said Philip Vanhoutte at Plantronics. "Long gone are the days when mobile phones users were forced to seek out a quiet location to answer an important call."

"By incorporating AudioIQ into Plantronics' new Bluetooth headsets, we are delivering optimal communications capabilities alongside our renowned style and comfort."

In addition, the Discovery 665 includes Plantronics' new QuickPair technology, which simplifies the Bluetooth setup process by automatically initiating the pairing mode when the headset is powered on for the first time.


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