Palm refuses to confirm Pre is coming to UK

Even though new teaser on website gives game away

Palm has refused to confirm that a new website teaser is proof that the forthcoming Pre phone is coming to the UK.

The long wait for the Palm Pre to be available in the UK looked set to be over when a 'coming soon' message appeared on the company's UK site.

But after TechRadar spoke to Palm, a spokesperson confirmed that the new phone, which many believe will resurrect the company's fortunes, has a definite UK release date.

Hopes for Europe

"The Pre will launch with Sprint in the US only, in the first half of this calendar year, and we hopethe devicewill also come to Europe in 2009," a spokesperson for Palm said.

"At this point, though, we have nothing more specific to announce regarding European carriers nor exact European availability dates."

Obviously Palm is taking the chance to promote how shiny and special its new handset is going to be, with one description stating it's an "unparalleled mobile experience unlike anything you've seen before."

But it seems the wait to get your hands on the phone that large numbers of people are anxious to get their grubby mitts on will be going on a bit longer.


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