Orange offers up new iPhone 4 price plans

New offers switch minutes for additional features

Anyone sitting on the fence when considering a new iPhone 4 may be swayed by a new offer from Orange.

The fruity network is adding to its range of tariffs, basically sacrificing minutes for more data and extra elements.

For instance, where previously users would pay £35 per month on a two year plan to get 600 mins and 500MB of data, on the iPhone Extra plans users will get 400 mins, but 750MB of data as well as free sat nav through Orange Maps and 50 photo messages.


The iPhone Extra plans extend from £35-£75 per month, and feature between 750MB and 1GB of data- and the top end tariff beings 3GB of tethering data, 20MB of roaming data and 100 roaming minutes too.

However, the price of the iPhone 4 hasn't changed anywhere, so you'll still be paying a high premium to own Apple's latest handset (although you can get the 16GB version free if you fancy forking out £50 per month on a two year deal).

If you're still interested, then head on over to Orange's website and see if picture messages and free sat nav are the kicker you've been waiting for.



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