Mobile phones don't give you brain tumours

Yes they do... no they don't...

The much-debated question over whether excessive use of mobile phones can cause brain cancer has swung back towards the answer 'no'. While many studies over the years have returned many different verdicts, the latest one once again waves the all-clear.

The Tokyo Women’s Medical University studied patients with cerebral cancer and concluded that there was no evidence to suggest that using a mobile phone would cause the condition or make it worse.

Still no definitive answer

The results of the study were published in the British Journal of Cancer yesterday. It compared 322 brain cancer sufferers with 683 healthy mobile phone users. There was no increased risk of the biggest three types of brain cancer.

Dr Lesley Walker, Cancer Research UK's director of cancer information, isn't convinced. "So far, studies have shown no evidence that mobile use is harmful, but we can't be completely sure about their long-term effects," said Dr Lesley Walker, director of Cancer Research UK.

"Research is still ongoing and Cancer Research UK will continue to look for new evidence."


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