LG unveils 'cheap as chips' HD recording phone

The new Viewty GT400 unveiled

LG's launch-a-thon at CeBIT this year has unveiled another first from the Koreans - a budget HD recording mobile.

The Viewty GT400 is another touchscreen mobile from LG, and the Viewty name is once again associated with a camera phone.

Although it only has a 5MP camera (we say only in relation to others on the market - we think 5MP is adequate on a phone) it also packs 720p video recording too.

Up the HD

We're not sure on the frame-rate or video formats it records to, which are almost as important as the functionality itself - but we're sure we'll hear about this soon.

The phone itself sports a 3-inch touchscreen, although we don't know a lot more about other than it has a pretty large frame surrounding it.

We're all for new ideas on phones, and if this comes in at around the £100-mark as we hope, it could fly off the shelves as an alternative to Flip HD camcorder.

Via DialaPhone


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