LG readies itself for next level of patent wars

Boasts of strong LTE patent portfolio

Like its Korean compatriot, LG has stated it believes it is best-placed to defend itself should 4G technology become a legal battleground.

Speaking at the launch of the LG Optimus G, the head of the mobile division took pains to point out how well-stocked the company is for 4G (LTE) technology:

"We have a very strong patent portfolio: basically, LG is the number one in LTE patents globally," said Jong-Seok Park, CEO of LG Mobile Communications.

"We've also got a strong portfolio of patents [relating to the UI], and I'm confident we're strong in this regard - we are aware of ongoing patent wars."

You can't patent the truth

Ram-Chan Woo, head of LG's mobile planning division, also stated that the company has 23% of LTE patents, which are worth $7.9billion (£4.8billion).


The company also confirmed it applied for the most patents in the US during 2012, ahead of Samsung and Nokia.

The location of these filings is as key as their volume and value, as it's believed the next round of smartphone litigation will centre around 4G technology in phones, and which firms should be paid for the privilege of using it.



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