LG Optimus G landing on Sprint Nov. 11 for $200

Over a week after AT&T

News surrounding U.S. carrier specifics for the LG Optimus G didn't fall far apart as Sprint has reportedly confirmed it will make the smartphone available Nov. 11 for $199.99 on a two-year contract.

The news comes from The Verge, which said the Sprint version lands nine days after AT&T's hits store shelves.

The pricing may be the same, however Sprint's version comes with a 13MP rear-facing camera. AT&T's back snapper is a less-impressive 8 megapixels.

Pre-orders for the phone are also reportedly getting off the ground Nov. 1, while customers can put in an order for AT&T's variant starting Tuesday.

One in the same?

Aside from the availability, the only real difference between Sprint's offering and AT&T's comes in the form of data.

Sprint prides itself on offering at truly unlimited data plan, while AT&T has switched to shared Mobile Share plans.

Sprint, meanwhile, is in the midst of a buyout by Japanese tech firm SoftBank, so what changes the new majority owners implement are yet unknown.

Via The Verge


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