LG G Flex 2 is on its way to a late 2014 launch

With the LG Vu 4 in tow

At the Korean launch of the LG G3, the company let slip that the LG G Flex 2 should be released before the end of 2014, alongside the LG Vu 4.

The original G Flex came out in February and we deemed it to be an expensive extravagance with the potential to evolve into a game-changer - will the G Flex 2 be the revolutionary bendable phone that we anticipated?

Hard to say at this point, with little-to-no specs to go on. The only other detail that LG deigned to reveal was that it will also release the LG Vu 4 tablet this year (although it's not clear if it'll make it out of Korea).

Previous word of the G Flex 2 came from smartphone soothsayer Evleaks, who claims that it may be one of the first premium Android Silver devices and come with a feature "even more unique than self-healing plastic" of the first one.

Rest assured we'll bring you more news of the G Flex 2 when we have it.

Via G for Games


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