The new Nexus phone, the fabled Nexus 6, could be built by Motorola, according to rumours published this weekend.

Android Police has received information from sources claiming a new 5.9-inch Nexus phone is on the way, which is currently codenamed Shamu.

The site's sources says the device will also have a fingerprint sensor and will go on sale in November, shortly after the expected iPhone 6 launch.

If the device comes to fruition, it is likely to be launched alongside the rumoured HTC Volantis, an 8.9-inch tablet also revealed by the site last month.

Both devices would surely arrive to pioneer the new Android L software, which is currently under development.

Nexus or Nixed?

The future of the Nexus range has been the subject of heavy speculation for much of 2014.

First LG, a long time Google partner, said it wouldn't be working on any Nexus devices in future. Then there was an assumption the home-brewed range would be supplanted by the Android Silver initiative.

However, during a session at Google I/O last month, Google engineering chief Dave Burke claimed there was still more to come from the Nexus line.

Starting with Shamu and Volantis later this year perhaps?