iPhone SE mega deal: save £65 with voucher code SE6465OFF

Get the iPhone SE 64GB for the price of the iPhone SE 16GB

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For some people the iPhone 6S is just too big. That's why Apple launched the iPhone SE earlier this year – a modern iPhone for those who don't need or want a massive screen.

If you're one of those people and you've been holding out for a good iPhone SE deal, we've found a bargain you might be interested in. Mobiles.co.uk has just launched a 'secret' voucher code deal that enables you to instantly save on the upfront cost of the iPhone SE and get it for free instead of paying £65.

The contract the phone comes with is also very good value – you'd pay £28 per month and for that you get unlimited calls, unlimited texts and 3GB data. What's more, with this deal you get the 64GB version of the iPhone SE which is far better than the 16GB model if you plan to download playlists and/or take a lot of photos and video etc.

We've had a look around the web this morning and we can't find an iPhone SE deal that's better than this one – it's the best deal around at the moment if you need more than 1GB data. In real terms, the discount allows you to get the 64GB version of the iPhone SE for the same price as the cheapest 3GB data deal on the iPhone SE 16GB. Or in another way, with this deal you get 3GB data for the same price as 1GB.

iphone se deals

iPhone SE deal in full:

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iPhone SE 64GB | Vodafone 4G | £65 FREE upfront | Unlimited calls + texts | £28 per month
Get the iPhone SE 64GB for the price of the 16GB using voucher code SE6465OFF at the checkout. The code wipes off the £65 upfront fee and leaves you with the iPhone SE 64GB for free. Then it's just £28 per month for 3GB data and unlimited everything else. The total cost over 24 months is £672

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iphone se deals

Another way to look at this deal is that to buy the iPhone SE 64GB on its own from Amazon would cost you around £440. So in a way you're effectively getting the 3GB plan with unlimited calls and texts for less than £10 per month.

The cheapest deal on the iPhone SE 64GB is also from Mobiles.co.uk and will get you 1GB data and 500 minutes on EE for £20.99 per month and £75 upfront. That's a bit cheaper overall than the deal above but obviously you get one third of the data.

Meanwhile, the absolute cheapest deal on the iPhone SE 16GB with minimum 1GB data is at e2save.com and gets you the same £20.99 plan from EE with a £19.99 upfront fee.

So while the voucher code deal above is not the cheapest way of getting hold of the iPhone SE, we think it's the best value option for capacity, data allowance and overall price.

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