EE doubles 4G speeds, doesn't create 8G

Heading off competition early

Double-speed 4G is coming to ten cities in the UK as EE beefs up its already-pretty-nippy network as part of its plan to head off upcoming competition before it gets here.

The ten cities set to enjoy top-end speeds of 80Mbps and an average of 20Mbps by summer are Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester and Sheffield.

The lucky Welsh will be the first to enjoy the new speeds and thus the ability to up- and download bigger HD pictures and stream HD video with no delay, as Cardiff will get the network boost in a few weeks.

EE? More like ££

As well as the velocity revamp, EE is boosting its network capacity by doubling the amount of spectrum bandwidth it has dedicated to the 4G network.

That's all very nice, but it does make us wonder if perhaps people are being a little bit reticent to hop aboard the EE 4G bandwagon - something to do with those sky-high prices, perhaps?

The network is aiming for one million of its customers to be on 4G by the end of the year - by which time it will have some competition from the likes of Three, which will have rolled out its 4G network too.


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