Blow your own trumpet with bizarre phone

We've often gone to great pains to point out that just because Japanese phones serve up plenty of innovative services, that doesn't mean they're great handsets.

In fact, apart from a few phones, such as the Infobar 2 from KDDI's au Design Project, they're mostly absolute dogs.

Yamaha design

That's why it's such a pleasure to discover that KDDI, the second-largest carrier in the country, is ready to bust out a batch of new designer phones and this time they're all also musical instruments.

The company has been working with Yamaha to add advanced interfaces to some odd-looking phones, with the results including a device that features a piano keyboard and another with a scratchable turntable.

Hardware keys

Perhaps best of all is the 'Band in my Pocket' phone, which can morph into a mouth organ or a trumpet. After all, who's ever seen a mobile phone that actually has real trumpet keys on the side?

Naturally, these are still just PR-loving prototypes, but KDDI will likely release something related to them towards the end of the year.