AT&T veep vouches for HD Voice coming to carrier in 2013

Kris Rinne says its part of a master plan

When T-Mobile revealed last week that it will finally start carrying the iPhone 5, it announced a feature exclusive to its offering; nationwide HD Voice.

Less than a week later, AT&T says it plans to get in on the Voice game too.

"HD Voice is part of our voice over LTE strategy," said AT&T Senior Vice President Kris Rinne at the VentureBeat Mobile Summit today, as reported by AllThingsD.

According to the veep, the company plans to roll out tech for HD Voice - which needs support from both a network and the devices on either end to improve call quality - later this year.

Vouching for HD Voice

Support for the feature, Rinne said, will come as AT&T begins channelling voice calling onto its LTE network.

As for the dropped call drama and other voice quality issues that have plagued AT&T in the past, Rinne said the carrier as "taken that off the table in terms of a competitive challenge."

AT&T is also slated to start working with "advanced LTE" in an effort to crack down on interference while bonding various frequencies together, and is also open to an "over-the-top service," like those that Facebook offers for messaging.


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