We've all got at least one mobile phone each, right? We've probably got about three or four nowadays, and that counts giving your old Nokia 3310 to your Mum a few years ago.

But now the world has changed, and from Apple to Samsung to HTC to a host of up-and-coming names, choosing your next greatest smartphone is a tricky task.

This is where we make it easy: we thoroughly test hundreds of top smartphones and have found the ten best you can spend your money on. It needs to be good, after all, given it will reside in your pocket for the next two years.

Our ranking of the best mobile phones available in the UK today celebrates the brilliance of the smartphone, the functionality they bring to our lives, as well as looking at the cost - meaning a low-price handset doesn't always need to have high-spec functions to be in our top 10.

We only feature the latest handsets available too (unless an older model has become hyper-cheap and still offers decent functionality) as the newer models will stay serviced with software updates for longer, safeguarding you from having a broken phone with no hope of updates in a year's time.

We're deep into 2014 now, and with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus here to challenge the heads of state in the smartphone world - namely the Sony Xperia Z3 the LG G3 and the HTC One M8 - we've got a real royal rumble at the top, looking at the best on the market and adding in such unknown gems as the OnePlus One.

If that still doesn't help, well, there's always our extensive mobile phone reviews pages as well - or check out our personally crafted smartphone buyer's guide:

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Here are our rankings for the best mobile phones around, currently available in the UK.

Nexus 5

10. Google Nexus 5

It's nearly time for the Nexus 5 to ride off into the sunset, as the Nexus 6 is just around the corner, waiting to take its place.

You already know we like Android 4.4, the clever implementation and the £269 price tag. We love the high power CPU, the quality screen, even the rubberised outer shell. And given it's going to be given an update to Android Lollipop in the near future, you're going to be one of the first with the new flatter OS.

You can get the LG G2 for around the same price now though, and that offers a far superior camera, better battery life and a huge slew of extra features - it really depends if you're a fan of the stripped-down experience.

Quick verdict

The Nexus 5 is a great phone that hits the marks well - it lacks something in terms of innovation, but that's not a problem for those that want to be able to run all manner of apps and games at a decent price. It doesn't come in at the same price point as previous Nexii, but it's still jolly cheap.

It's about to be discontinued, but will be supported for a few more months, if not years - but when the new one comes out, the price will drop (if you can still buy it).