All the Warner Bros movies on your phone

Tie up with DivX will see HD quality titles too

Forget Blu-ray ladies and gentleman, a partnership between Warner Bros and DivX means you'll be able to watch HD movies on all portable certified devices.

The agreement means you'll be able to watch all the current and back catalogue Warner Bros titles on hundreds of devices.


DivX-certified devices have multiplied in the last few months, likely in anticipation of such a deal, so you'll be able to buy movies digitally and watch them on LG and Samsung phones, iRiver PMPs, PlayStation 3s and many Blu-ray and DVD players.

The movies will be available from online retailers later this month in standard definition format, but if you're only into HD then you'll have to wait nearly a year as the two companies won't be releasing any HD DivX films until September 2009.

Still, if something is not worth waiting for, it's not worth having. Actually, screw that. Make them now!


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