Typing? Pah...TRACING is now where texting's at

Good thing mobiles aren't ticklish

US keypad innovator (we couldn't work out what else to call them) Digitwireless has announced a new way to input text into phones that it hopes will speed things up dramatically.

Instead of the standard typing using predictive text, or even (dare we say it) tapping each key multiple times to bring up a letter, you can simply trace your finger over a touch capacitive keypad.


Obviously used for touchscreen phones, the idea is to draw the words on the keypad, and the phone's inbuilt software automatically works out what you're trying to write in a similar way to predictive text.

Apparently no manufacturers have picked up this new technology, but it's now available for license. So if you're reading this Jobs, have a look at the Digitwireless website.


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