Sany Ericssan A8000i: no, not a spelling mistake

Some rip-offs are just brilliant, aren't they?

Sony Ericsson's lawyers must be in overdrive tonight after another top-quality knock off has emerged in the guise of the Sany Ericssan A8000i.

It packs 3G (we mean 2G), a touchscreen (well, not touchscreen) 2.8in display, Windows Mobile OS (actually, some obscure two-bit program) as well as an FM radio. That bit's true.

Dual SIM

It's actually got something the similar-but-not-quite-the-same Xperia X1 has got: a dual SIM function. In your face, Sony Ericsson.

And it's a TV phone, though we don't understand the VAIO branding on the back. Still, at least it's all-weather, something sadly lacking from today's phones (OK, that's a joke, we're just trying to pretend this isn't the strangest handset we've seen in a while.)

We see an 8MP stamp on the back as well, which is weird seeing as it only as a 1MP camera... hang on, do copyright forgers LIE?


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