Motorola announces movies for your mobile

Paramount and the phone giant offer new mobile-only movie download service

Although cineastes everywhere will baulk at the thought of watching films on a mobile phone, Paramount and Motorola must believe there is a market for it, as they have just announced a new mobile-only film download service.

Available through the Motorola website, the service is currently available to residents of the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain and currently houses 40 films form the Paramount stable, including Mission: Impossible, School Of Rock and



Movies on your phone

The movies currently cost £5.99 each, but newer releases – if and when they are available for the service – will be ready for download for £8.99.

To download the films, you must have a Motorola phone (obviously), compatible with OMA 2.0 and housing the H.264 (MPEG4) codec.

This means that you’ll have to invest in the latest line of multimedia mobiles from the company, which includes the Moto Z10. Oh, and a decent pair of eyes to view the movies on screens measuring under 3in.


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