LG spits out latest 8MP cameraphone

Anything Samsung can do...

We have a theory here at TechRadar that LG and Samsung are one and the same mobile phone manufacturer, and that's an idea backed up by the imminent release of the KC910.

OK, they're probably not the same, but the handsets they produce are remarkably similar in spec and shape... AND they're both from South Korea, so you can see our thinking.

KC910... that's a bit too normal for you, LG

The KC910 (likely to get a stupid name akin to the Viewty) boasts an 8MP camera with a 2.8-inch (ish) touchscreen, which at least sets it apart from the recently released Samsung i8510, the other Koreans' 8MP effort.

The rest of the stats seem pretty much as you might expect... Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HSDPA connectivity and the ability to munch MicroSD cards up to 8GB (the Viewty could only manage 2GB, much to the ire of its owners).

Likely landing around Christmas time if the usual timeline is followed... let's see how LG continues at the front of the touchscreen market.


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