iPhone 3G PAYG delayed until Christmas

Not July as some may have hoped

All of you hoping to circumvent the O2 contract when getting an iPhone 3G will have to wait until Christmas to get your hands on a PAYG version.

As part of the pre-order announcement of the iPhone 3G order for the contract-lovers, Carphone Warehouse dropped the news about the PAYG version.

When, when, when?

"In time for the Christmas period" is a pretty woolly time frame to work with, as it could be any time from now until mid-December, but it shows the way that Apple wants to work its releases.

There is also no confirmation on the price. Last week we brought you news that the device is set to cost £370 for the 8GB version, and a whopping £470 for the 16GB flavour, but we all know Apple's penchant for changing things at the last minute.

If you're a parent, expect this year's Christmas shopping list to be an expensive one…unless you can foist an iPod Touch on the little critters and tell them it's just as good.



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