France gets new 3G iPhone clue

Orange offers two options to subscribers

In yet another clue the 3G iPhone will be appearing shortly after the 9 June keynote speech by Mr Jobs at Apple’s WWDC, Orange have been offering customers an upgrade to a "second generation" iPhone.

Orange are apparently offering a direct swap where owners can trade in their existing model for just €50 (£40), thus solving the dilemma of what to do with all the disgruntled early iPhone adopters.

But I want both…

For those who have become so attached to their device they want to keep it, the French network provider will offer some “generous subsidies” to move up to the 3G model (if that is indeed what the second generation really is.)

No word from Orange yet, but hey, did you really think there would be?

Either way, it sounds like there is a “second generation” on its way, so unless Apple are unleashing the iPhone in a new colour and charging a lot more for it, you can probably work out the rest yourself.


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