Apple confirms iPhone 2.0 helps business users

WWDC 2008: “Everything the big names told us they wanted, we have built into iPhone from the box.”

“Everything the big names told us they wanted, we have built into iPhone from the box.”

Steve Jobs has unveiled the Microsoft ActiveSync and VPN support for Cisco for the new 2.0 iPhone software, allowing the iPhone to handle synchronisation for the business user with their key data.

Apple has worked with a number of organisations to develop the necessary security, and 35 per cent of the Fortune 500 has participated in the beta programme to allow this functionality.

The new sync will allow for push email, push contacts, push calendar, auto-discovery of Exchange servers, global address lookup, and remote wipe security feature.

The latter means the iPhone will ultimately become a secure business device, as IT can wipe the phone of any key information remotely.

This allows businesses to allow interactivity with any of their employees working remotely, something the business users need these days.



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