A bendy, double-screened mobile phone

Some concept ideas are just backwards

The Bend Mobile Phone concept, with a extractable camera and bent double screen sounds good in theory... Oh, hang on, no it doesn't.

Sometimes designers come up with an idea that, while impractical, would at least be interesting should it ever be made, such as the Plica.

But the Bend, which is meant to be easier to get in and out of the pocket, is frankly confusing.

Size of an elephant

It packs a sideways sliding camera with squashed up components at either end as if an elephant had sat on it. This phone would hardly fly off the shelves.

The dual screen idea, which seems to be the only thing designers want to put in these days, looks bizarre with a number of bits stuck on the side randomly.

Oh, and the best part of it…check out the keyboard. It's touchscreen. And the keys appear to be the size of pinpricks.

Pure genius this one. TechRadar's money is on a November launch.


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