Samsung is expected to soon release yet another premium tablet to rival its own Galaxy Tab Pro and Galaxy Note Pro lines, the Galaxy Tab S in 10.5 and 8.4 inch flavors.

Based on the leaks we've seen and reports we've heard so far, it seems that both devices will be unveiled at an event in New York on June 12. That's tonight people!

Cut to the chase

  • What is it? A brand new, premium Samsung Galaxy Tab
  • When is it out? Later this July for Wi-Fi versions, Q3 or Q4 for LTE variants
  • What does it cost? $399 for 8.4-inch, $499 for 10.5-inch

Samsung Galaxy Tab S release date

Before the New York event, we expected a Galaxy Tab S release date around July or August time. Now, we have a much better idea of the release timing. For the Wi-Fi versions, both the Galaxy Tab S 8.4 and 10.5-inch models will launch later this July for $399 (about £235, AU$424) and $499 (around £294, AU$530), respectively. In the US, you can preorder either Wi-Fi model right now at your major electronics store of choice.

While there are LTE variants in the works, we're not 100% sure on their pricing. All we know is that they'll both land sometime in Q3 or Q4 of this year. In the US, both sizes of the Tab S will score LTE connectivity on AT&T and Verizon, while Sprint and T-Mobile will only offer the service for the 10.5-inch make.

Below you'll find all of our predictions on the Galaxy Tab S range based on leaks prior to the launch event on June 12. See what we got right and what we flubbed on!

Samsung Tab into Color event
TechRadar will be reporting live from the event

Samsung Galaxy Tab S design

Based on the leaks that have run rampant since early May, the Galaxy Tab S will look, well, like every other Samsung tablet to come before it.

For fans, that's not necessarily a bad thing, but certainly wouldn't be the most exciting aspect of the device.

It looks like the rear of the device will sport the same pocked plastic shell as the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 4. The only difference here looks like two circular indentations on the shell, which are reportedly designed for a proprietary book cover case.

SamMobile was quick on the draw with a couple of snaps claiming to be the Samsung Galaxy Tab S in white, with front and back shots revealing a familiar Samsung design.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S - LEAK
Familiar design here (credit: SamMobile)

It looks like the Galaxy Tab S has passed through the FCC in America, with a few more images turning up and revealing a similar looking tablet.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S - LEAK
Spotted in the States (credit: FCC)

Serial leaker @evleaks has also given us a glimpse of the Galaxy Tab 10.5 complete with slender frame, familiar TouchWiz UI on screen and the same dimpled rear as the Galaxy S5.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S release date, news and rumors
Evleaks loves a leak (credit: evleaks)

Even more images supposedly showing the Galaxy Tab S have appeared again on SamMobile, where an iPad Air beating depth of 6.6mm and weight of 465g puts the 9.7-inch Apple slate to shame.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S - LEAK
Is the Galaxy Tab S really just 6.6mm thick? (credit: SamMobile)

@evleaks has lent support to that weight and thickness, claiming that both the 10.5 and 8.4 inch models will be just 6.6mm thick, while the 10.5 inch Galaxy Tab S will weigh either 465 or 467g (depending on whether you get it with or without 4G connectivity) and the 8.4 inch model will weigh either 294 or 298g. The tipster also revealed that the slates will come in light and dark colours.

Another retail image in this series of leaks also hints at a possible fingerprint scanner hidden under the home key - much like the Galaxy S5 - and that jives nicely with previous rumors on the topic.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S - LEAK
Fingerprint scanner? (credit: SamMobile)

A touch better TouchWiz

Given the critical reception to the much-improved TouchWiz Android overlay, it's safe to expect the same to appear on the Tab S. Recent leaks have even shown the device running Samsung's tablet-friendly magazine interface.

Also, multiple leaks have corroborated the story that the Tab S will come running Android 4.4.2 KitKat underneath Samsung's skin. And, given the purportedly supreme nature of the slate's spec sheet, we're inclined to agree.