iPad Air 2 price drops as new iPad Pro announced

Drop it like it's hot

Apple is dropping the price of the iPad Air 2 as it flushed out its lineup with a new Pro tablet.

The iPad Air 2 price is now $100 less expensive, coming in at $599 for the 16GB model and $729 for 64GB Wi-Fi only model.

The slate is joined by the iPad Pro 9.7, which starts at $899 and goes up to $1,399 on Wi-Fi (and up to $1,599 with 4G). Announced today during an event at Apple's Cupertino, Calif. headquarters, the new iPad Pro has an industry-leading display, powerful innards, and is easier to handle than its 12.9-inch older sibling.

Apple's full tablet line now looks like this: iPad mini 2 from $369, iPad mini 4 from $569, iPad Air 2 from $599, 9.7-inch iPad Pro from $899 and 12-inch iPad Pro from $899.

Gone is the original iPad Air, though it's no real surprise Apple discontinued it now that it's lineup hits all the size and price points customers probably need.

The company also announced a price drop for the most basic Apple Watch and a new 4-inch iPhone called the iPhone SE.



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