Opera adds data usage tracker to all its mobile browsers

Opera has announced that it is helping its users keep track of their mobile data allowance by adding a data usage tracker to its mobile browsers.

The new service is part of its Opera Mini and Opera Mobile browsers – with Opera Mini updated to 6.5 for iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Symbian S60 and Java-enabled phones and the Opera Mobile 11.5 browser is now also available on Symbian S60. These updates bring it into line with the company's Android versions.

Save the data

The new data tracking option can be found under Help in the browser's options with Phillip Grønvold, Product Manager for Mobile, Opera Software explaining: "The data counter instantly shows people how much they have saved."

In other Opera-related news, it seems that Android's own web browser, brilliantly titled Browser, has overtaken Opera Mini in the mobile web stakes.

According to Engadget, however, both have been given the smack down by Safari, which now has an impressive 62.2 percent mobile browsing market share.