Acer to hold out for Windows 8 before leaping to ARM?

Next gen to get a new limb

An Acer product strategy manager has said that Acer will not be releaseing an ARM-powered notebook until Windows 8 is ready to rock.

The anonymous but "high-ranked" product manager told that despite rumours, Acer isn't looking to make the leap across to Windows 8-running ARM until, "the beginning of next year" when Microsoft's new OS is launched.

The ARM-based laptops will likely be described as 'ultrabooks' when launched, despite being ARM-based and not toting Intel inside (Intel owns the rights to the name 'Ultrabook' so you may as well call it an Acer MacBook Air, you'd be just as accurate).

Up his sleevies

Basically, it'll be lauded as "slim and powerful" – just like every other notebook that has been launched this year.

We're expecting the Windows 8 release date to be some time in early 2012 so it could yet be a six-month wait for an ARM-based Acer.

Still, this could all be a load of cobblers spouted by a jumped up product manager high on the excitement of IFA 2011; who knows.




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