Google responds to user feedback and quietens down Buzz inbox noise

Two new Buzz features

When you join in with a conversation in Google Buzz, that post appears in your Gmail inbox, but Gmail users have responded by saying that it makes the inbox 'noisy'.

So today Google has launched two new Buzz features which it hopes will help calm the noise.

The first is a setting which controls what appears in your inbox. From the Buzz tab of Gmail Settings, you'll be able to choose whether the following buzz items get sent to your inbox: comments on your posts; comments on posts after you comment on them; comments on posts after you are @replied on them.

The second is change is that Buzz now offers explanations for why posts get sent to your inbox. Buzz users will now see a message at the top of each post in the inbox that explains why it's there - either someone commented on your post, or you were @replied, for example.

Google has also added a 'mute' link that will stop subsequent comments from bringing the Buzz conversation back to your inbox.

"These are just the first in series of features designed to help control the noise level in Google Buzz, so stay tuned for more," says Google. You can suggest further changes and vote for others on the Google Buzz product ideas page.


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