LG unleashes 47-inch 3D TV

The first of 30 million units by 2012, says the company

LG has shown off its latest dip into 3D technology, the 47-inch 47LH50 LCD.

The television is the first of many that LG will be releasing which utilises three-dimensional viewing.

Like most other 3DTVs on the market, you will have to watch movies through polarised glasses to get the full eye-popping effect.


LG is betting a lot on the technology to revitalise the home entertainment market. In fact, it's hoping that by 2012 it will have launched around 30 million 3D TVs in the market. By anyone's calculations, that is a lot of TVs.

Earlier this week, LG also showed off a 15-inch OLED screen at an expo in Korea. It's nice to see that the company not afraid to innovate in what can only be described as hard times for the electronics industry.

It's just a shame that both TVs will be hitting the Korean market first, with no firm word on when they will be coming to the UK.

Via Engadget


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