Samsung still loves the PC after all, rumours of a rift are 'groundless'

Plenty more in the pipeline

Samsung sees a long and illustrious future ahead of it in the PC arena, with a spokesperson flatly denying yesterday's speculation that it planned to ditch the desktop.

Word came from an anonymous Samsung official yesterday, who told the Korea Times that the focus is on tablets, all-in-ones and hybrid PCs, rather than the conventional desktop tower.

Not quite, says Samsung's official mouthpiece: "The rumour that Samsung is withdrawing from the PC desktop business is groundless."


"Samsung will continue to offer diverse products according to market needs," the company told Engadget.

"We will continue to open all possibilities in PC business, including our PC Tower business, to satisfy consumers' diverse lifestyle and needs."

So there you have it. Diversification is the name of the Samsung game - so your dream of a Samsung Galaxy S4 PC could yet come to pass.

We kind of hope it doesn't, though.


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