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Logitech Cordless Desktop S 530 review

Logitech's "made for Mac" wireless mouse and keyboard kit

Our Verdict

A great wireless solution with Mac-focused shortcut buttons. Responsive and accurate.


  • Easy to set up

    Very responsive

    Great battery life


  • No application-specific programming

    Mouse is right-hand only

    Software doesn't yet support Intel Macs

Logitech hasn't just added the word Mac to its reasonably priced keyboard and mouse set; it has also delivered a true Apple-focused product. It has even put an Apple logo on the C key. The many shortcut buttons also relate directly to commonly used Apple applications: iTunes, iPhoto, Safari, Mail and Spotlight.

In the box of the Cordless Desktop S 530 Laser for Mac, you'll find a keyboard, a righthanded laser mouse, USB receiver, USB extension cable with a stand, software CD and batteries (which Logitech claims last six months). Setting up is easy.

You just install the Control Center software, plug the USB RF (Radio Frequency) mini-receiver into an available port, ensure keyboard and mouse are talking to the receiver and you're done. The software is easy to install, but doesn't yet work with Intel Macs - a software update to fix this is planned for April.

The 105-button keyboard is described as "zero-tilt": it's nice and flat with a built-in curved wrist-rest. It's comfortable, with a smooth, gentle action, and is responsive and accurate enough for touch-typers. Shortcut keys include volume, dedicated iTunes keys (Play/Pause, Forward, Back) and application-specific keys as described above. There are battery indicator lights on both devices, which flash ten days before you need new ones.

The two-button mouse is also comfortable to use, but built for right-handers. Its scrollwheel controls left, right, and up and down movement. On-mouse shortcuts include volume up, down and mute keys, plus forward and back buttons. All the dedicated extra buttons are programmable through System Preferences using Logitech's software, but app-specific programming isn't supported.

Logitech's solution is far better, and more useful, than Apple's wireless keyboard and mouse - and cheaper! It's fast, responsive, and doesn't suffer the performance lags that other products in its class endure. Jonny Evans